Stephen J. Bucchieri
Since the establishment of Bucchieri Architects in 1967, Stephen Bucchieri has produced subtle and sophisticated modern work through a design process that draws inspiration from minimalist principles, materials that reflect inherent qualities of the site, and ways in which space responds to daylight. His enthusiasm is fed by the satisfaction of making places that can have a positive and lasting impact. He is the third generation of his family involved in the building process. Out of that tradition grew his fascination with the art and craft of architecture, with the modernist structures made possible as construction technology advanced, and with the entire design process from concept through construction, furnishing and lighting. Stephen's firm is a studio in the purest sense of the word, allowing him to maintain a personal, hands-on involvement in all phases of the work. The studio focuses on exploring local materials for construction and landscape, modeling the impact of natural light on the space, and often designing custom windows, lighting, furniture, hardware, and landscape elements specific to the project. The result is a body of work that includes highly individualized buildings all faithful to Stephen's belief in simplicity, meticulous attention to detail, highly refined craftsmanship, and a balanced approach to design. 
Stephen is also a 1991 recipient of the Cleveland Arts Prize for Architecture.

R. Scott Neiswander
A graduate of the University of Cincinnati College of Design, Architecture , Art and Planning, he is a member of the City of Cleveland's North East District Design Review Committee and has studied in Copenhagen, Denmark at Danish International Study. As a sole practitioner, Mr. Neiswander has renovated a number of historic turn-of-the-century buildings in Cleveland, including Kausik Building at 6202 St. Clair Avenue which won a 2004 Cleveland Restoration Society Award and Chuck’s Place at 3830 St. Clair Avenue which won a 2009 Cleveland Restoration Society Award. He has also designed and built a modernist townhouse in the Ohio City neighborhood of Cleveland. He brings to Bucchieri Architects his profound interest in the way buildings are crafted and detailed. His ambition is not only to be proud of the buildings he works on, but for them to inspire others as well.

Collaborators from 1967 to Present
Ioana Lucia Andreianu, Olga Andriyevska, Lee Aviv, Karen Berman, Craig Bennetts, Marc Bittinger, Melanie Farson, Lawrence Fischer, Max Forsyth, Daniel Gallagher, Gregory Goss, Rick Hansal, Sara Hurand, Richard Lalli, Stanley Mathews, Celeste Seme McClung, Agata Mierzwa, Kenneth Nobilio, Gail Peabody, Margaret Pedone, Henry Piper, Michael Reagan, Eric Rutkowski, Jeff Rutushin, Eric Schneider, Todd Schmidt, Nathalie Seisal, Jessica Sheridan, Andrejs Smiltars, David Sweitzer, Alivia Tabb, Linda Tasker, William Watson, Valerie Westley, James Wilhelm, William Willoughby, Karrie Zinni

Scott PeaseRobert Reck, Kate Russell